RDI’s Alex Wilson interviewed by Chicago Tribune

Posted by on Jan 7, 2013

The Chicago Tribune’s Mary Umberger spoke with RDI’s Alex Wilson about how builders can make homes much more disaster resistant — and how his thinking shifted from “passive survivability” to “resilience.”

Generally, I think the building industry is starting to pay attention. It’s a tricky issue for builders, because it means marketing a negative. But they’re already promoting heat-recovery ventilators that are used to maintain safe indoor air quality, and that’s a similar kind of thing — you’re providing a message that your indoor air quality may not be that healthy, and you want to provide fresh air. And we already design houses to meet seismic codes and fire codes, and these are negative things. There are some builders around the country that promote resilient design quite actively. I think resilience will probably become a more widely used term.



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