RDI got a nice shout-out from Thornton Tomasetti

Posted by on Mar 10, 2013

A rendering of the 1,000-meter-tall Kingdom Tower in Saudi Arabia, for which Thornton Tomasetti is serving as structural engineer. Photo: Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architects.

Thornton Tomasetti is a highly regarded structural engineering firm–and the structural engineer of six of the ten world’s tallest buildings that are built or under construction, including the Kingdom Tower in Saudi Arabia, which at over 1,000 meters will be the world’s tallest. In recent years, the firm has expanded into sustainable design with the acquisition of Fore Solutions in Portland, Maine and Simon & Associates in San Francisco, and the company is increasingly focusing on resilience. Thus, I was thrilled that RDI was highlighted in Thornton Tomasetti’s Winter 2013 Newsletter. Check out the “We Like” section at the bottom.


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