Due to its floodgates, the New England Youth Theatre in Brattleboro, Vermont (shown here from higher ground on Elm Street) sustained little flood damage during Tropical Storm Irene in 2011, despite its location on the bank of the overflowing Whetstone Brook. This has been cited by observers as diverse as The Weather Channel, Vermont’s Governor Peter Shumlin, and numerous architects and builders as an excellent example of resilient building design. As a result, the NEYT was able to resume normal operations within days of the flood, and continue providing an important service to the community during a difficult time.

The Institute’s programs advance our mission through the development of tools, methods, and resources (including this website), and the organization of events.

 Programs currently in the planning stages include:

  • Hosting workshops and retreats on various aspects of resilience, such as improved integration of resilience into building codes, development of more resilient agriculture/food systems, and more resilient economic systems.
  • Development of tools and methodologies to foster resilience in organizations, communities, and built structures
  • Mapping the emerging information and knowledge infrastructure supporting resilience efforts
  • Exploration of opportunities for benchmarking and collaboration with international partners
  • Development of metrics related to resilience within a larger sustainability measurement and reporting system for a Vermont town
  • Development of course and workshop curricula for education and training concerning resilience

We support our programs through a mixture of client fees, grants and donations.
If you would like to find out more about the Institute’s programs, explore opportunities for collaboration, propose new programs, or support existing ones, please contact Program Director Ralph Meima.


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