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San Francisco Names a Chief Resilience Officer

Posted by on Apr 11, 2014

"As CRO it will be my task to be a central point of contact for all our resiliency based plans and efforts that currently live in various departments."

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North Adams, Massachusetts and the Need for Resilience

Posted by on Apr 1, 2014

In the past week, the city has suffered two major blows, plus a minor one.

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Creating a More Resilient Power Grid

Posted by on Dec 19, 2013

The role of electrical storage in managing the output from wind and solar systems is important and will grow in significance as the percentage of our electricity supplied by renewables grows.

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Resilient Design on the UN Agenda As It Prepares for Climate Change

Posted by on Oct 10, 2013

The United Nations, climate change, and resilient design: a day at the U.N. World Habitat conference

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Resilience forum in Boston

Posted by on Oct 7, 2013

The RDI’s Alex Wilson spoke at a recent forum in Boston called  “Building a Resilient City: Preparing Our Buildings for Climate Change,” sponsored by A Better City. From the report on the forum in EcoRInews:  Alex Wilson, president of Resilient Design Institute and executive editor of Environmental Building News, suggested other construction strategies. He said he believes all new construction in the United States should be built to the hurricane standards now used in Miami. He also recommended using flood-resistant building materials instead of ordinary carpeting and...

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