Special issue of BRI on Overheating in Buildings

Posted by on Jul 24, 2017

Cover of the special issue of Building Research & Information, “Overheating in Buildings: Adaptation and Responses”

When I was at the PLEA 2017 Conference (Passive Low-Energy Architecture) in Scotland a few weeks ago, I learned that the contents of a special issue of the journal, Building Research & Information on Overheating in Buildings are available free through the end of July. BRI is a peer-reviewed, technical journal, and access to BRI’s articles is usually quite pricey. There is a wealth of good information in the technical papers available in this issue—though be forewarned that they are quite technical.

The issue of maintaining habitable temperatures in buildings is one of the key issues that the Resilient Design Institute has focused since our founding in 2012, and BRI has added immensely to this discussion.

Use the link above to access the issue and scroll down to the downloadable papers. This free-access option ends on July 31, 2017, so if you think you might be interested, go to the website and download relevant articles.

I’ve listed the contents of that issue below.


Overheating in buildings: lessons from research
Kevin J. Lomas & Stephen M. Porritt
Pages: 1-18


Meta-analysis of indoor temperatures in new-build housing
Gráinne McGill, Tim Sharpe, Lynette Robertson, Rajat Gupta & Ian Mawditt
Pages: 19-39

Overheating in retrofitted flats: occupant practices, learning and interventions
Magdalena Baborska-Narożny, Fionn Stevenson & Magdalena Grudzińska
Pages: 40-59

Exposure duration in overheating assessments: a retrofit modelling study
W. Victoria Lee & Koen Steemers
Pages: 60-82

Overheating in care settings: magnitude, causes, preparedness and remedies
Rajat Gupta, Laura Barnfield & Matt Gregg
Pages: 83-101

Overheating in vulnerable and non-vulnerable households
Marika Vellei, Alfonso P. Ramallo-González, David Coley, Jeehang Lee, Elizabeth Gabe-Thomas, Tom Lovett & Sukumar Natarajan
Pages: 102-118

Inhabitant actions and summer overheating risk in London dwellings
Anna Mavrogianni, Ayub Pathan, Eleni Oikonomou, Phill Biddulph, Phil Symonds & Mike Davies
Pages: 119-142

Overheating in Scotland: contributing factors in occupied homes
C. Morgan, J. A. Foster, A. Poston & T. R. Sharpe
Pages: 143-156

Overheating in Auckland homes: testing and interventions in full-scale and simulated houses
Roger Birchmore, Kathryn Davies, Phillip Etherington, Robert Tait & Andy Pivac
Pages: 157-175

Combating overheating: mixed-mode conditioning for workplace comfort
Leena E. Thomas
Pages: 176-194

Overheating in English dwellings: comparing modelled and monitored large-scale datasets
Phil Symonds, Jonathon Taylor, Anna Mavrogianni, Mike Davies, Clive Shrubsole, Ian Hamilton & Zaid Chalabi
Pages: 195-208

Thermal comfort of rural residents in a hot–humid area
Zhongjun Zhang, Yufeng Zhang & Ling Jin
Pages: 209-221

Comfort-related feedforward information: occupants’ choice of cooling strategy and perceived comfort
Anita Meinke, Maren Hawighorst, Andreas Wagner, Jörg Trojan & Marcel Schweiker
Pages: 222-238


  1. Hi Alex,
    Following the link, I was only able to access the editorial for free. I will try again later.
    Thank you for the link.

    • Hmm, I was able to get to all of the technical papers, with an option to download them individually. It did take a bit of effort though. I downloaded the editorial and a couple other papers; let me know if you want me to e-mail them to you directly. -Alex


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