It Ain’t Necessarily So

Posted by on Apr 12, 2013

Korky Koroluk, columnist for the Daily Commercial News, explores the contradictory effects that can result from energy-efficiency retrofits.

It has been persuasively argued by some that adding more efficient energy systems tends to reduce the amount of energy used, thus lowering over-all energy costs. But that, it is argued, tends to make tenants less careful in their energy use. Extending the argument, increased efficiency lowers cost and increases demand, which increases the rate of consumption, wiping out the initial savings.

That’s not a reason not do it, though. Resilient Design means doing it right, as RDI’s Alex Wilson explains in a quote in the column:

[Wilson] says the biggest challenge in trying to make communities more resilient is dramatically improving the energy performance of existing homes. It will also require “innovative financing approaches, the introduction of insurance policies that reward resilience, (and) stronger building codes.”


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